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Parallel geschlossene Aufbereitungsanlagen auf begrenztem Raum

2017 war Clarkson der einzige Hersteller von biologischem und GVO-freiem Soja- und Sonnenblumenlezithin. They were still manufacturing product on the pilot plant they built 13 years ago and business was booming. Clarkson Soy knew they needed more capacity now and for growth in the future, but how to build that in their existing limited space, was the question. An diesem Punkt kam die Paul Mueller Company ins Spiel.

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6 Common Mixing Processes Explained

On a hot summer day you have a glass of perfectly flavored, cold lemonade and it hits the sweet spot every time.

At an industrial pharmaceutical facility the senior operator sees everything is mixing the way it's supposed to and it's a great day.

What is the connection between these two scenarios? Whether it's mixing lemonade or pharmaceuticals, mixing things right can make life better. The mixing techniques used in these two situations are completely different even though the results produced might be similar.

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How to Choose the Right Impeller

No matter what you're mixing, impeller selection is critical. It plays a role in mixer specifications and your end product. Disperser blades, propellers, hydrofoils, and other common impeller designs make for a confusing choice.
Can this disperser blade give me the off-bottom suspension I need? How is a hydrofoil different from a propeller? What is a hydrofoil? Before you buy an impeller, you need to consider a few aspects of your product and process:
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Über Paul Mueller Company Akademie

Das Lehren und Teilen von Ideen gehört seit jeher zu der reichen Tradition von Paul Mueller Company. Wir blicken auf beinahe ein Jahrhundert hochwertiger Handwerkskunst zurück, die uns auch bei der Anwendung neuer Erkenntnisse leitet. Die Akademie der Paul Mueller Company ist eine Sammlung dieser Erkenntnisse, die unsere Zusammenarbeit stärkt und unseren und Ihren Erfolg fördert. Hier finden Sie Artikel, Blogs, Leitfäden, Infogramme und viele weitere Ressourcen, die das Fachwissen in der Branche Edelstahlverarbeitungsanlagen mehren und verbreiten sollen. Wir hoffen, Sie finden diese Sammlung informativ.