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Take the First Step for your New Tank Project

It has been a successful run for your product and now it’s time to scale up and make more. But like most facilities, you have space constraints. So what is the best way to go about installing bigger processing tanks or more processing tanks into your existing plant?   

Or maybe you are charged with building a new processing line or facility from scratch. The first step is understanding how the equipment can fit into the space you are working with. 

Enter the Paul Mueller Company Tank Volume Calculator and 3D Model Generator.


Increase Capacity in your Existing Space

When you need processing equipment that can increase your capacity, without forcing you to cut through a wall or ceiling, understanding the tank size options becomes crucial. We designed this volume calculator so you can experiment with different parameters to maximize your space.  Older tank volume calculators are often too complex or time consuming to be efficient for your planning. Plus they give you a 2D model output that’s not very useful for visualization and space planning.

Layout a New Facility

If you are starting from scratch and need to place and move tanks around to understand all the options for layout, our Tank Volume Calculator and 3D Model Generator is a great place to start. You get a much more accurate tank model to drop into your designs and plenty of ways to do the calculations. Do you know the operating volume of the tank and the height of the space where you’re placing the vessel?  Enter those parameters and calculate the diameter of the tank needed to achieve this.

Or, do you know only the percentage of freeboard you need and the shell diameter? Enter those numbers to calculate the total height of the tank. The combination options are unlimited and you will receive a precise three-dimensional representation of the data you have entered. This model can then be downloaded in a format compatible with your design software so you can see if it will work with your floor plan.

3D Model Placed in Facility Layout

No more waiting on a vendor to give you that same level of usability for your designs, the Tank Volume Calculator and 3D Model Generator is at your fingertips any day, any time you need it.

Give Your Clients Better Designs in Less Time

For architects and engineers, the Tank Volume Calculator and 3D Model Generator is extremely useful as you try to generate quotes for multiple clients. Normally you would have to take the time to draw the 3D models yourself so you could show potential clients how the tank will fit into their piping and clearance space. This can be frustrating, if you don’t get the order, you just spent a lot of time working on tank designs that won’t be used. The Tank Volume Calculator and 3D Model Generator lets you design the tank and drop it into your plan in minutes so you have a professional presentation that you didn’t spend all day creating.

When to Use it

So whether you want to:

  1. upsize your current tank
  2. fit a tank into a specific space
  3. find out how to get specific volume based on the floor plan
  4. show a potential client a realistic 3D model in your designs


The Paul Mueller CompanyTank Volume Calculator and 3D Model Generator can help you accomplish this, all while saving time and money. Your new project will be underway in no time!

Start Using the Tool Right Now

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